Niks Professional Ltd. (the “Company” and together with its subsidiaries, collectively, the “Group”) is a trusted and established provider of family practice dermatology and aesthetic medical services with an operating history of more than 25 years. The Group also offers a comprehensive range of medical skincare products and salon services
to complement medical solutions. It has operations in Singapore and China.

The Group’s business is organised into 3 main segments as follows:


Clinics icon

Provision of family practice dermatology services. Skin conditions commonly treated with a combination of medicines, NIKS skincare products and medical procedures, include:

• Acne and acne scar treatment
• Eczema
• Pigmentation

Provision of non-invasive and minimally invasive aesthetic medical services, including:

• Intense pulsed light treatment
• Lasers for various treatments
• Injectables


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Sale of NIKS skincare products and provision of services, including:

• Therapeutic facial
• Eye treatment
• Acne and comedone treatment
• Microdermabrasion

Provision of paramedical camouflage products and services to cover difficult-to-conceal skin conditions and minimise the attention drawn to the imperfections.


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Online sale and distribution of NIKS skincare products to medical clinics and beauty salons in Singapore and China

The Group’s top selling products are:

• Intensive Barrier Repair Cream
• Golden Lipid Complex
• Moisturizing and Repair Cream

All NIKS skincare products satisfy stringent regulatory requirements in the United States and Europe and are
regularly updated to reflect advances in skincare technology.

Group Structure

All subsidiaries of the Company, except Niks Professional (Shanghai) Co., Limited, are inactive. These inactive subsidiaries were incorporated for past business expansion and/or to explore business expansion opportunities. As the cost of maintaining these subsidiaries is insignificant, the Company has decided for flexibility to retain them for future business expansion opportunities.

Niks Maple West Pte. Ltd. became an inactive company with effect from 1 December 2023 and after its business and operations were transferred to the Company.

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