Pollution Defence Cream
Pollution Defence Cream
Product Description:

This cream is formulated with a suite of ingredients that target the entire chain of potential damage to the skin by pollutants. A special polymer, shea butter and gluconolactone capture heavy metal pollutants by binding with them and preventing them from causing damage to the skin. Powerful anti-oxidants scavenge for free radicals generated by pollutants that can penetrate and adhere to the skin to increase dryness, wrinkling and hyperpigmentation, in addition to irritation, clogged pores and acne. Other ingredients act to prevent inflammation, dehydration and barrier breakdown, and help the skin recover from those damages. Unlike other skin care products claiming to combat pollution, which use only plant extracts to protect the skin from environmental stresses, this cream has both such plant extracts as well as designer ingredients that specifically target pollution, making it a potent weapon for pollution defence.

Active Ingredients:

Metal chelators to capture and bind toxic metal pollutants

Acrylic Acid/Acrylamidomethyl Propane Sulfonic Acid Copolymer

Anti-oxidants to combat free radicals generated by pollutants

Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Artichoke

Agents to combat inflammation induced by pollutants

Vitamin C, Niacinamide, Artichoke

Agents to combat dehydration caused by pollutants

Niacinamide, Snow Fungus

Agents to repair barrier damage caused by pollutants

Shea Butter, Yeast Extract


Skin Type

All Skin Type


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