Note: Please refer to annual reports and condensed interim financial statements at the end of this page for detailed commentaries on the financial performance and position for each financial year.

Profit or Loss

Note 1:
For illustrative purpose only, the following adjustments show what the PATNCI would have been in the absence of non-recurring IPO-related income and expenses.

Financial Position

Note 2:
Based on 130,000,000 ordinary shares (Post-invitation).

Financial Ratios

Note 3:
The Group maintains adequate inventories to avoid risk of stockouts arising from supply chain disruptions. As such, it is usual for inventory turnover period to hover around 365 days.

Note 4:
Majority of the Group’s patients and customers make immediate payment upon the receiving of the Group’s products and/or services. As such, trade receivables turnover days were negligible.

Annual Reports

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