Basic Facial Set For Dry Skin
Basic Facial Set For Dry Skin
Product Description:

 An excellent kit to plump up dry skin and restore the moisture balance.

(1) Citrus Cleansing Lotion – an aloe-rich, water-soluble, skin-loving formula rinses easily to leave your complexion dewy soft and clean.

(2) Golden Lipid Complex – helps restore, replenish and restructure lipids within our skin to improve hydration and prevent fine lines. It is an important barrier repair serum to prevent dryness and improves all forms of rashes. Derivatives of Vitamin E and F offer anti-oxidant and skin protecting benefits.


(3) Intensive Barrier Repair Cream – replenishes the skin’s protective barrier with essential lipids leaving the skin feeling rejuvenated and sheltered against harmful environmental factors 

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