Clinic Roster & Appointment

Clinic Roster & Appointment

Appointment is only accepted at Niks Maple Laser Clinic in Orchard. Niks Maple Clinic in Tampines and Niks Maple West Clinic in Jurong East are walk-in clinics and no appointment is necessary.

Requests for appointment using this page are not confirmed until our staff member telephones you. If you wish to obtain a confirmed appointment immediately, please telephone the clinic at 62359428. We are not able to contact telephone numbers outside Singapore. Please leave a Singapore telephone number for us to contact you. Overseas patients may call the clinic at +65 62359428 or email enquiry@nikspro.com.

If you default on an appointment, you may be required to pay a deposit before future appointments can be accepted.

Block 16 Kallang Place #03-27
Singapore 339156
+65 6294 1802 / 2136
+65 6294 1309
520 Zhenda Road
Unit 122 Block 2 Sheng Park
Shanghai 200436
+86 21 64399892
+86 21 64399895
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