Nik$ Scheme

Loyal customers are rewarded with our Nik$ scheme. Nik$ can be used to pay for purchases of Niks skin care products at any Niks Maple Clinic or Niks Shop Salon, at the rate of 1 Nik$ = $1.

Nik$ Scheme

How to join?

Customers who purchase $100 worth of products / services in a single receipt (valid for 1 month from date of receipt) at Niks Maple Clinics or Niks Shop Salons, are eligible to participate in the Nik$ scheme.

Note: Receipts bearing customer’s name can only be used to enrol the customer whose name appears on the receipt.

Is this a life-time membership?

No. If the Nik$ account balance remains at zero (0) Nik$ for a continuous period of two (2) years, the account will be automatically closed.

Do I get a membership card?

No, we use your NRIC number to register you. Any photo-ID bearing your NRIC and name can serve as proof of membership.

Can I transfer my NIK$ to someone else?

No. Nik$ is non-transferrable.

Is it possible to merge Nik$ accumulated in two accounts owned separately by myself and another party?

No. The Nik$ scheme is designated for individual use only. No merging or transfer of NIK$ between accounts is allowed.

May I share my Nik$ with others?

No. You should safeguard your own account so as to ensure that your NIK$ is not used to redeem others’ purchases without your knowledge.

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Nik$ Accumulation, Redemption & Expiration

How do I start earning Nik$?

For every net $10 purchase of Niks skin care products in any Niks Maple Clinic or Niks Shop Salon, you earn 1 Nik$. Points are earned based on total nett amount settled in each purchase. A minimum of $10 purchase of Niks skin care products is required before any Nik$ is granted. Please inform us of your member ID before payment.

Note: The first receipt used to sign-up shall not earn any Nik$.

When can I redeem my Nik$?

Upon successful sign-up, Nik$ can be redeemed from the 3rd purchase onwards.

I forgot to bring my ID card. Can I still earn or redeem Nik$?

To earn Nik$, you do not need to produce your ID card. Simply inform us of your membership number (i.e. NRIC) and Nik$ from the purchase will be credited to your account, if you are a valid member.

To redeem Nik$, we require you to produce an original photo-ID bearing your NRIC and name.

How long are Nik$ valid for?

Every Nik$ is valid for use for a period of one year from date of issue. Nik$ not used within one year of issue shall automatically expire and be cancelled. No notice of expiry shall be sent.

For example: You earned 10 Nik$ on 15 January 2015. The 10 Nik$, if untilised, shall expire on 14 January 2016.

How will I know the expiry of my Nik$?

Nik$ balance and current Nik$ earned are reflected at the bottom of Niks Shop Salon’s receipts. For more information on Nik$, you may approach any of our staff at Niks Maple Clinics or Niks Shop Salons. Alternatively, you may write to or email us to enquire about the validity of Nik$ in your account.

Will my patient card be accepted as proof of membership?

Patient cards are only accepted at Niks Maple Clinics. For purchases at Niks Shop Salon, please produce an original photo ID card for redemption of Nik$.

I am a member and intend to purchase products online because I am currently based overseas. Will I be able to earn or redeem Nik$?

The Nik$ scheme is an in-store scheme. All off-store purchases (eg. online or email purchase) shall not earn Nik$, nor can Nik$ be used to pay for such purchases.

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Adjustment of Nik$

I bought a wrong product using the sign-up receipt. What happens to my Nik$ if I exchange the product?

For exchange of products purchased with the first sign-up receipt, any top-up amount resulting from the exchange shall not earn Nik$.

If I am exchanging a product of the same value, will it affect my Nik$?

For exchange of products of same value (i.e. no top-up required), there will be no effect on the Nik$ previously earned.

Why does my Nik$ balance show negative value?

Sometimes when a void or credit adjustment is requested, the previously earned Nik$ is returned to us. However, the system may not have captured the correct information at the point of billing. If you utilise the Nik$, your balance may show a negative value after the system has been updated.

Should you encounter such an incident, please check with our staff.

How can I make my Nik$ balance positive again?

Subsequent earned Nik$ shall be applied to make up the shortfall first before they can be used to pay for purchase.

To find out more about our Nik$ scheme Terms & Conditions, please click here.

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